Understanding How Type 2 Diabetes Can Affect Eye Health

When you're diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you quickly learn that poorly controlled blood sugar levels can cause problems for several parts of your body including your eyes. High blood sugar levels can cause changes to your vision as a result of damaging the cells in your eyes. This can put you at an increased risk of developing certain eye conditions, particularly if your blood sugar levels are high for a prolonged period of time.

Which Eye Surgeon Should You See?

If you ever notice any change in your eyesight, do not hesitate to see an eye specialist. You should know that there are four kinds of eye specialists. How will you know which one to make an appointment with? This article shares the differences and how to make the right decision. What Are Your Options? The commonly known specialist is an optician who handles design, verification, and fitting prescription lenses and frames.

Two steps you should take to keep your eyes healthy

It's important to take good care of your eyes. Here are two steps you can take to keep them healthy. Go for eye exams on a regular basis Few things will have more of an impact on your eye health than the frequency with which you have your eyes examined by an optometrist. Getting your eyes checked on a regular basis serves two purposes. Firstly, it gives your optometrist the chance to determine if they need to update your prescription.

Using Your Diet to Boost Your Eye Health

Eye health, for some people, means getting corrective lenses once their sight begins to diminish. The problem with this approach is that you are looking to treat a problem, rather than trying to prevent it in the first place. The great thing about your vision is that you can take preventative measures by merely changing your diet. Incorporating some food items that contain specific nutrients may provide your eyes with the building blocks that they require for enhanced vision.

Why Kids With Arthritis Need Regular Optometrist Visits

While juvenile arthritis cases are mainly dealt with by paediatric rheumatologists, there are other health specialists you'll need to incorporate into your child's treatment plan. One important one is the optometrist. Children with arthritis are susceptible to a range of eye problems. Here are just three reasons why regular optometry visits are important. Medications Can Cause Eye Problems If your child is currently being medicated for their juvenile arthritis, it's important to know that many of those medications can cause eye problems.